Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recipie #2

Hello again! Last week I made another recipe from Rachel Ray. I made Mac and cheddar cheese with chicken and broccoli. Now from the name it did not sound very appetizing, and I cirtenly thought that my dad would not like it, but it was one of the only recipes that I had all the ingredients for, and it was quick and easy so I decided to try it.
Here is the recipie:

I did this on a thursday night after coming home from co-op so I was tired, and I will not cook on thursdays again. I followed the
recipie. So first I cooked the chicken with the onion, and while I did that I chopped up the broccoli, boiled the maceroni and then
added the broccoli. I drained the broccoli and maceroni, and then started cooking the sauce, but it did not want to boil consitently,
so after about 8 mins of cooking it, I just decided to add the cheese, and then pour it in a big bowl with the rest (chicken, broccoli
maceroni.) I mixed it all together, and to my surprise, it had a pretty good kick :) I did need alot of seasoning, but after I got it all
seasoned it was actually rather good. The kids complained about the broccoli and I did agree it could have definitly been cooked
more, so if you try it you might want to add the brocoli a little sooner then the recipie tells you. Over all it was a pretty good meal,
but I don't think I would make it again, it was a little bland even with all the spices, and it was NOT good as leftovers :)

If you try it please let me know!!!!

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