Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthday sleepover and Ocktoberfest :)

So yesterday night I went to a friend's birthday party here. It was so much fun... we just played around, talked and did normal girl things :) The girl turned 15. She has 4 younger siblings.. one who is a 2 yearold girl.. and I had her on my hip like all night:) Her parents kept saying "you know you don't HAVE TO hold her" And I was like awww.... but I really want too :) She was very cute :) The family also had an Honda odyessy. The first time I saw it I was like "You guys have a honda odyessy? Lucky's that is my favorite car!!" And another girl who was at the sleepover was like... You know your a homeschooler when your like "YOUR mini van is cooler then OUR mini van!" :) She also said..."Don't do bad things... do hard things. :) It's a homescholler Joke... only us get it. I thought that the people (who's house we were at) had a cool Idea. They had 4 bedrooms upstairs but they made 1 the parnet's then a dorm room for the kids.. and all the kids slept in there, and then another a school room and another a play room/clothes room. It was cool. And since all the "messy" room were upstairs their downstairs actually looked nice and clean ;) We slept in a tent outside and us girls were so proud...5 girls set up a 5 sleeper tent in 15 mins... with no help!! (Well except from 8 and 9 year old boys :) And we disasebled it in the mornign in like 5 mins with no help! We slept outside in the tent and it actually didin't rain like we thought it would..

Today after getting home and changing our whole family went to the ocktoberfest on Ft. Belivor. It was so fun!! We decided to make it J.J's birthday party and we all got wrist bands and rode rides all day. I was a dare devil and rode every ride. There was one ride I was refuing to go on but Erin pushed me on and sure enough I hated it!! It was one of the scariest things I have ever done.. your stuck in a whole body cage going round and round while your cage is fliping and the another thing is moving... it was SOOO scary.... I swear the only thing that got me through was repeating bible verses the whole time. But other then that it was fine. We went on the ferris wheel to relax after eating lunch before going on more intense rides.. but there were wasps EVERYWHERE!!! And it was not relaxing...We tried all sorts of food... the fresh sceezed lemonade was sooooo good! I was hoping that there would be spatela there but there was none to my sugrine :( We tried deep fried oreos!! (Oreo's dipped in funnel cake batter and fired... soooo good) But almost too sweet. Over all it was a fun and great day with me family that I LOVE so much :)

Bekah's tip of the day: Domino's Are AMAZING THINGS!! I take them on babysitting trips all the time.... they are pretty cheap...are great for all ages because they have colors and numbers for education and young ones.. you can stack and make houses or long line and know them down (my personal fav) or play real dominos. And they are too big to fit in a babies mouth (but can also be stuck in the dishwasher after being sucked on for hours :) So anyways take them babysitting or get them for your kids!! They are great!

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