Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 4- San Diego

Zoo day! Today we spent most of the day at the San Diego zoo. I have wanted to go to the San Diego zoo for as long as I have known about it. I love zoo’s and animals, and this is one of the biggest in the world! We got there bright and early, and after glancing at a map realized that it was humongous, and we had no idea where to start! A very friendly zoo guide started us in the right direction, and we took a tour over the entire zoo on the Skyfari! (Like a ski lift that goes over the whole park.) We then headed over to the Panda exibit (one of two in the United States. The other is in the National Zoo in DC! I have been to both now J)  Panda’s honestly are some of my least favorite animals. Both of the one’s we saw were sound a sleep, so they weren’t that exciting. But it’s still fun to say we saw them! Next we headed up on something called the skywalk. It was like  moving walkway that went up high to one of the exhibits. That was quite fun! We walked around and saw most of the animals.. and then stopped for a quiet picnic lunch we had packed. I think my favorite animals we saw were the monkeys (the little one’s that swing around and play), the peacock, and the baby giraffe! (Two weeks old!)

We then decided to take the double decker bus tour around the zoo. I had resisted it at first as I am really not a fan of any type of tour. But we decided to do it, and I am so glad! The tour guide was hilarious and told us so many neat facts. Did you know? That the original Dr. Suess, when he started writing his books, went to the San Diego zoo to find thing to draw. The San Diego zoo actually has quite a collection of plants. (Their collection of plants is estimated to be worth more then their animals!) Many of the plants in his books are after plants in the zoo. Even the Trufflea trees from  The Lorax! Also, Walt Disney sent an artist over to sketch some animals for the original Lion King… and we saw the actual meercat he sketched. We saw the original Timone!

Over all I am glad we went, but I don’t think I would go again, at least not until I have kids to share the experience with. The price is expensive to get in-like the price of an amusement park-and I am just not sure it’s worth it.

Once we had finished up at the zoo, we had a good part of the afternoon left, and so we decided to head to a theatre to see the movie Brave. It was a very enjoyable movie! Not Disney’s best, but certainly not their worst.

After, Rebekah had found a restaurant from Diner’s, Drive-in’s and Dives, and we headed over to check it out. It’s known for it’s chicken and dumplings, which is what we both got. It came with an entire meal (salad, side, bread, another side.) and was so filling! I have over half of it left over, but it was delicious. I am not going to say it’s the best chicken and dumplings I have ever had, but it comes close to the top!

Today was definityl a very full day, but an amazing one! I feel like I am starting to get a really good sense of San Deigo, not only directional wise, but also a feel for the people. We have met so many nice and friendly people it sometimes surprises me, but I love it! I have really enjoyed riding the bus everywhere. It’s relaxing, we talk and read, and even sometimes meet people (like some from France the other day!) You also get to see quite a bit of the city through the different routes. It’s sad that tomorrow is our last day here, but I am looking forward to all we have planned :)

The view we spend much time looking at.

The Skyfari

San Diego skyline

Baby Kola

Polar bear

Red panda

Sleeping Panda's

Pretty Birdie's

Such a beautiful creature


Chicken and dumplings plate

So Rebekah was cold and put a shirt she had in her backpack on. She asked if she looked alright, and I said she looked like a hobo. Then she started to pose like one. (In our defense, we has just had a whole piece of chocolate cake.)

The moving walkway! 

We did a little photo booth thing. :) There are some funny pictures on there!

Dinner! I

His picture in the restaurant!


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