Monday, April 9, 2012

NYC adventures and such

Well, hello again! It's funny how I have started missing blogging after doing it everyday in Hawaii. The reality is that I am so busy here (at home), and blogging more then once a week is not practical. But oh well. Anyone who follows this blog already knows that my posts are sporadic, and that's just how it is. :)

I throughly enjoyed our time in NYC. My mom, sister and I had been the year before with one of my best friend's and her mom. We had a wonderful time, and did everything your suposed to do when you go to NYC (i.e. all the touristy stuff.) Though that was wonderful, when we decided we were going back (the purpose was to visit two colleges) we decided we wanted to kind of blend in a really experience NYC like a true NYC'er. We stayed in Manhattan, on the Upper East Side, took the subway everywhere (but also took Taxi's which are my favorite!) and ate quite a lot of good food. It was a wonderfully relaxing trip, as we just kind of went with the flow and did whatever we were feeling like at the moment. My favorite  restaurant we ate at (which is hard to say because we ate at ALOT of good restaurants) was called Cityhouse and it's in the lobby of the Park Central hotel. I can not describe in words how good the food was. One of my other best friends came along with us on the trip, which made our time even more enjoyable!


My beautiful best friend on 5th Ave

The view from inside the Apple Store

My best friend in Time's Square

The view as we took the tram over to Rosevelt Island. If you can't tell, it was quite the rainy day.

The same exact view two days later. A much sunnier day!

The view of Manhattan from the tram.

Good old NYC

The table I set for Easter dinner

Packing, again. Yet, Again. 


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