Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mommy for 10 days

I got the incredible chance to be a mom for ten days the last two weeks. I kept 4 children (ages 7, 5, 4, and 2) while their parents traveled out of the country to Europe. Let me just say, I think a quote I read today fits the last 10 days very properly; "There are a lot of ups and downs in motherhood. More ups then downs, thank heaven. " I can not tell you how much I enjoyed my time with the children. They are wonderful kids and we had many, many good times together. But don't get me wrong, it was HARD work. I learned a lot about selflessness. And when mother's say they are exhausted, they really mean it. God blessed me with finding this blog post, right as I was in the midst of one of the hardest days. I also learned that though sometimes I scoot by through a normal day without spending time with God, there is no possible way I can make it through the day as a mother without first spending time with God. One morning I got distracted and didn't do bible study until after noon. Big mistake.

I can tell you that I much better understand now God emptying us so that He can fill us with Himself. Each day I would get up and just not know where to start. There was laundry, and dishes and things to clean and places to go. And oh, kids that maybe I should check on every once in a while? ;) But God would equip me with exactly what I needed. He gave me wisdom when I had to decide how to deal with a toddler biting his sister on the back He gave me grace when I raised my voice just because I was tired of all the noise. He gave me patience as I learned that walking out the door with four children takes a whole lot longer then just walking out the door with yourself. He gave me peace while I needed it. I can not tell you how thankful I am to have my God, by my side, every single step of the day. And to you atheist mother out there- I don't know how you survive the day!

I did learn a three things:
1. Laundry, is never ending.
2. Dishes are never ending.
3. Your life will revolve around poop.

(Now that last one may seem a bit weird and exaggerated, but trust me. In one night I had the dog poop on the floor two times, three kids step in the poop and spread it around the house, one toddler poop in his pants, then in the potty for the first time. Then dump his poop on the floor. Then I have to get up in the middle of dinner twice to wipe bottoms. Then change a few more dirty pull ups, and oh, bed time. Do you believe the third point now?)

Let me just explain something. I think God has given me a really strange gift. I LOVE doing laundry. And Dishes. I will admit there were times this week I didn't feel like doing them, but 90% of the time I love both. I would MUCH rather be doing laundry and dishes all day then school work. But school is where God has me right now, so I will have a cheerful heart (or try to) and excitingly await the day when dishes and laundry are my everyday routine.:)

Between all of this learning, we did actually go places :) We went thrift store shopping, picnicking, into DC for the cherry blossom festival and parade, to my church, Target, grocery shopping and much more. Here a few pictures to just give you a glimpse of our time spent together. I already miss every bit of these kids (including getting woken up by 4 jumping kids).

And in the spirit of my blog name, I just want to post a few of the moments I remember,

My joys of motherhood for 10 days:
1. Little hands grippin mine
2. Brown curls
3. Snap crackle pop treats
4. eating yogurt with our fingers
5. sunny days
6. A snuggly dog
7. cones covered in sprinkles
8. Friendly Apple store staff
9. Little glasses to drink from
10.Playing in the hose

The biggest event hat happened while I was there, actually happened the day the parents left. I was chasing after the dog, which had run into the street, and I quickly set me phone down on the porch so I could grab her. Well, little did I know that the ledge I had set it on was sloped, and crash/crack goes my iphone screen. God gave me amazing peace, I just set an appointment up for the Apple Store the next day and got it fixed. I had a little trouble with setting up my phone, and ended up spending 2 hours in there pushing two strollers back and forth from the front of the store to the back, while trying to figure things out. I can not thank the Apple store enough for helping me keep the kids entertained, by making faces at them and offering to help. Apple Store Staff of Richmond, VA, YOU ROCK!

Over all, I am looking forward to the day God blesses me with the chance to be a mother. But at the same time, I am very happy to be an 18 year old girl, who does not get woken up at 6am by 4 jumping kids :)

Making Motzerella sticks. Queso cut in strips, then coated in egg and Panko, and fried in coconut oil.

Little helpers :)

Sunny day at the park

I kind of forgot spoons for our pinic lunch. So I just decided we would have a little fun and eat yogurt with our fingers. (It actually wasn't that messy... you should try it sometime :)

Twirly dresses

A restaurant for dinner. (Basically I typed up a menu of all the leftovers, and they got to choose :)

In DC with my best friend and

At my favoirte museum again the Hirshorn.

When I take kids to DC and we play on the lawn, I just laugh inwardly to myself. How many kids get this chance?

Yup, it's pretty broken :)

Ice Cream adventures

I love these two cuties. 

And this is the beautiful family! I just love them all so much!


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