Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Guest post- A hero is what you make of them

Regarding heroes I made this picture of people that fascinate my in movies. These
are my favorite actors put into one picture. Now this is quite a large group of people
for a topic on heroes and I would probably only consider one or two of them people
I Idolize, but the point is there. I chose actors specifically for this post because the
serve my harmonic paradox perfectly. You see maybe only a handful of these people
are good enough people in real life to be able to consider them heroes, but what they
play often in the movies are people you can connect with and adore. What I wanted
to say with this post is simple this. What is it that your hero does for you? It doesn’t
matter if they were good people or if they got everything right, because sometimes
the best heroes are the ones who didn’t always get it right. But the thing about
heroes that make them heroes is this, first, what did they overcome that you feel like
you can’t. Then second, what is it about their character that attracts you to them.

The first is a fairly simple, but is the strongest part of knowing your heroes. One of
my favorite heroes is my grandfather who passed this past February because he
lived a life seeking God. As a writer and as a youth with my future ahead of me, it is
very often times difficult to want a God seeking life for myself, when it means I have
to give up my ambitions to him so that I can better follow him. Now God will help me
through my youthful ignorance, as he has many times, but it is important to me to
have my Grandfather as a hero.

The second is a little more complicated and where I get a little bit weird. My heroes
that I like because of character traits are probably William Wallace, Edward Teach
(Blackbeard) and Aang (Avatar the last Airbender). Now there are many friends
and real life people I see as heroes as well, but I figured these would be easier to
see and explain. Now there are not a lot of similarities in these characters, but their
biggest quality is manifested in three different ways and that quality is what I like
about them. That quality is strength. Being a brother of three sisters I often see
myself as a weaker male compared to some of the roughed up, manly guys my age
and that is a self-consciousness I deal with a lot, but there is different manifestations
of that quality in my heroes as I said. In William Wallace there was a strength to
lead, and a strength to inspire. He was a leader of leaders and he was courageous
above all else. Then there was Edward Teach (Blackbeard) he was a brute, but he
was a smart brute. He was power in its most raw form and he wielded it well. (even
though he did so rather greedily and it became his downfall.) Blackbeard was a
powerful man and understood the power of fear. (That I only find interesting, I just
like his authority not his evilness.) Then there is Aang, He is the most like me in the
sense he takes the peace-keeper qualities when he meets confrontation, but he also
understand and uses his power very decisively. He is precise and he is disciplined in
his strength and that is what I love about his character.
Now I poured into this far more than I intended to, but I hope that you can take

something away from it. You should know your heroes and know why they are your
heroes, because knowing ones self and knowing what your inner goals are and what
your strengths and weaknesses are can help you to be the best person you can be.
What I really want you to get from this is that a Hero is not the person who shares
your interest, that is what friends are for. Heroes should be someone that above any
reasonable reason you like them because there is something about them that makes
you want to be better.

Thank you Rebekah for letting me guest post and I hope you all enjoyed
my little post and picture. Please feel free to check out my other writing at, would love to have your comments.

Sincerely, Rhett

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Life with Kaishon said...

I love that your grandfather was your hero. I am so sorry for your loss. Mine have all passed away many years ago now and I miss them.

You are wise to remind us of goals. We always need to be revamping our list of goals, don't we?

Petoonya said...

I really liked how you pointed out that a hero isn't someone who shares your interests. I know that sometimes I choose my heroes because I see a little bit of myself in them. But heroes are supposed to inspire you to be a better you, not just a reflection of yourself.

Thanks for making me think. :)