Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Plan B

God made Plan B’s for a reason. I am 100% sure of that. Trial and error, that seems to be how my life is lived out. But I think that’s the way God meant it to be. We learn from our mistakes. And sometimes, we just have to accept what comes our way. This afternoon was a perfect example of a plan-B filled day.
Start getting dress to babysit a little later then I should, put on a white shirt and jeans as I am planning to do a photo shoot with the kids I am babysitting. As I am writing something down on my to-do-list white board, I get black marker right in the middle of my white shirt. No time to change, so race to grab the stain remover, it’s only be 2.3 second’s since it happened after all. Plan A failed. Plan B? throw a cardigan over the shirt. Once I am babysitting have the kids dressed and outside, picture all set up, little two year old girl decides it’s time to have an attitude. Quick thinking plan A-- give her my sunglasses trying to cheer her up. Fail. Plan B-- Gummy snacks. Plan B works... momentarily. I get one picture with her looking at the camera (granted she is frowning, but she’s looking!) Plan B fails after a minute. Plan C--have her help me press the button. She looks up and smilies.. Nathaniel (the 6 year old) ducks down behind me at the exact same time. Plan C works for two pictures, the pictures are just minus big brother. After that it’s a free for all with silly faces, and then I declare the endeavor over, praying with all my heart that I got at least one good picture. Low and behold- I got 4. Four out of 200 taken. But hey, Thank God for plan B’s! (And C’s and D’s and E’s.....)

On another note, the reason I was going through all the craziness anyways was because a family I have nannied for for two years is moving next week. *snif snif snif*. I  would say more, but I pretty much say it all in this video (which I can’t watch without crying):
So yes, I am sentimental. Very sentimental. But I like it that way. I treasure moments in life, though as I was putting the twins to bed tonight, I realized just how little I really do treasure. I took each little action, knowing it was probably the last time I would ever do it. Hugging sweet John’s pajama’ed body. Taking out Lydia’s hair things. Placing the twin’s in their beds and wishing them goodnight. I actually started crying as I read them our favorite book, Snuggle Puppy. I have read this book to them every time before I put them in bed. I have the whole thing memorized, and normally just sing my way through it, and slide them in bed without a second thought. But tonight, tonight was special. With each  little word, I thought, this is the last time I will sing it to them. I took mental pictures of the two of them cuddled up in my lap as I tried to keep from sounding like weeping mess. And as I neared the end, I slowed down, and found each word to have more meaning then ever before: 
Snuggle puppy of mine, every thing about you is especially fine. I love what you are. I love what you do. ooooh I love you! (kiss)
As I said the last words, I willed it not to be over. But it was, and it was time for them the twins to get in bed. And as I closed to book, God reminded me that I had a thousand chances to treasure that book, but I didn’t. And He reminded me just how fleeting life is. Though that may sound cheesy, or over used, I believe it’s so true. None of us know the number of our days. And I think we need to be reminded sometimes to just enjoy this life God has blessed us with. Because the last time you get to do something approaches you way faster then you think.
Some of the 196 outtakes from today :)

This is how it started out... sweet yet crazy..

 Then the attempts to get Lyd, (Round 1, Sunglasses)
Round 2-Switch spots 

Smart little girls figures out how to completely hide face..

Now everyone has lot it...

And JUST as the gummy's worked on Lydia, Nathaniel decided to disappear behind me. Perfect.

Have a lovely evening!

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