Sunday, June 5, 2011

NC, TN, and other happenings.

(The first part was written two days ago)
I am on the airplane from Milwaukee (my layover) to DCA right now. Mixed emotions are pulsing through my body. I already miss Aunt Molly’s house, and all the great memories I just made there. At the same time, I am really feeling ready to get home. I have been away for two weeks, and so much has happened in that time. I have a very, very busy schedule greeting me the moment I step off plane. A graduation ceremony for most of my friends 1 hour and 30 minutes after my flight arrives, and a wedding tomorrow. 
Teenpact National Convention 2011, was just amazing. God moved me, taught me, showed me again His love that never leaves me, and held me through the course of the incredible 5 days. It was definitely different then the past two National Convention’s I have been to (‘09 and ‘10.) The first three days seemed to pass rather slowly. I was definitely not disappointed about that fact, as I love national convention, and normally it flies by. The last two days though, flew by just like all of the past years. We elected Steven Blunk and Valen Cadwell as our new President and Vice President (Congratulations!!) 

(Steven and Valen giving their speech's) (Photo by Galin)
We also elected four new senators and nine new representatives. The talks were just amazing, including Brett Harris’s moving, life changing, talk on Friday morning. My favorite talk was given by Matt Chambers of SafeWorld Nexus. It was beyond moving for me. I think God worked through it to reveal to me some of His plans for my future. Though I am not exactly sure what those plans are, I am very sure they are perfect ones, fit just for me. 

(Great, great friends)

(TPS Teenpacter's)

The worship at Teenpact is beyond amazing. It is something that I look forward to every year, and is probally my favorite thing about Teenpact. I am completly inadaqute to describe just what goes on during every morning and every evening in the gymnasium, but I think this image paints a beautiful picture.
(Photo by Galin)

This year the morning bible study (bonjour) was incredibly thought provoking, as well as the Psalm’s used for each day’s specific theme. The over all theme for the week was running towards the sunrise, and it was about vision and leadership. Though I wish I could explain just what is so beautiful and special about Teenpact, that 500 students come from all over the country to spend a week together in a gorgeous camp in TN, I can’t. The only thing I know is God is center of Teenpact, and therefore the amazing organization is richly blessed. Through it so many students have found purpose, vision, and most importantly, God’s love.

(The group that went from VA)

Now onto where I spent the last week.. TN, at Aunt Molly’s house. One of the best week ‘s of my life. I may say that often, but they just keep getting better and better! Anyways, I have fallen in love with TN, and Aunt Molly’s family. I love living with lots of animals, (especially dogs.. which are not allowed anywhere near my house!) and I also enjoyed the easy-going way of TN. I thought it would be really hard to go from “city” life to “country” life, but now I think I have been converted to a country girl! I think the thing I miss most about TN is just how people enjoyed nature and all of God’s creation.. and how easy it was to access. Sometimes I forget that there is even such a thing as woods around here! I know God has placed me in DC for a very good reason, and I do love a lot of the things about the city.. but I don’t think I would complain one bit if He moved me to the country at some point in my life!
The graduation was so much fun on Friday night. I knew every person that graduated (it was my co-op’s graduation, and 9 people graduated.) It is so weird to think that I am already at the point in life where a lot of my friend’s are graduating. And even weirder to think that I will be graduating next year.
The wedding was beautiful. It was definitely a God-filled service, and it was amazing to see both the bride’s and groom’s commitment to God. It was a simple wedding, but you could still see the joy on everyone’s faces as they watched two people become one. 

(My loved dogs!)

(At an amish store)

(A dress, Toms, and the great outdoors. One of my favorite combinations.)

(Cutest little boy ever, getting ready to bat.)

(New favorite combination.. Little boy's, white polo's and red toms.)

(Me saying bye to the doggies!)

(Me and cutest little boy in the whole world!)

I have another busy week ahead of me, but God is good, and I am looking forward to the summer.


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