Monday, June 21, 2010

I heart faces~Teens

When I found out about this weeks theme I was so excited, seeing as how it applies so well. Since I am a teen myself, and spend lots of time with other teens, I tend to have lots of photos of teens, so at first I thought picking just ONE would be very hard, then I remembered a shoot I did last summer of my sister's best friend. This absolutely beautiful young lady is so much fun. We spend hours just playing with outfits, goofing off, and being teenage girls.  I was SOO happy with the result of the pictures though, and when I remembered it today I just knew that I would choose one of those pictures :) Now I did have a hard time choosing just one of them, but I knew I wanted a picture that represented just plain simple teenagehood (those words do NOT belong together!) :) But anywho, here she is. The drop-dead gorugous, Texan, fun, amazingly funny, cute, girl that I love so much!

Head over to I heart faces and check out the other amazing Teen photos!

P.s. Also check out this weeks guest judge, Jamie Delaine, and AMAZING teen wedding photographer. She is such an inspiration to me!



Christine said...

Cute angle! I love it!

Ashley Schrage said...

her eyes look awesome!