Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello again!

Some totally AWESOME TeenPacter's!

I know I have become a stranger, I am sorry! I hope to start writing more often... :)

But for now, here is an overview of the last couple of weeks:
Just having fun with my brother :)

Last Monday we were supposed to leave for Teenpact, but because of snow on the Saturday before, it got moved to Tues. Tues we leave for Teenpact, (In Richmond) And spend an absolutly amazing, life-changing week, worshiping God, learning about be an active leader, and spending time with some of the awesomest people I know! Friday, we race back inorder to get home before blizzard hits. Fri-Sat blizzard hits, everything is canceled, we get like 26 inches of snow. Monday no one goes to work, everything is canceled, we are stuck inside, and shoveling snow. Tuesday another storm hits that night, everything canceled, Wednesday storm with strong winds still going, finally slows down to almost halt, have gotten another 10 inches of snow! And so that has been my last couple of weeks. It is just lovely, it was nice to get a brake but I will be SOO glad when my social life starts back up again!

What at somepoint in my life, was our sidewalk :)

Can you see that little thing back there? Under all the white? That is our house :) Ok so I am exaggerating, but if you saw a picture of what it normally looks like, you would be shocked!!


p.s. Check this out PLEASE! It is so very cool!

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