Saturday, February 27, 2010

God's Circle

So I am finally getting to writing on my blog. Yes. I know. I have been very, very bad. But hey. At least I am doing it now, and I totally didn't desert it. In the many, many things God has been teaching me lately, one of them is to take life as it comes, enjoy the moments, and DO NOT stay in the future. You can not change anything about it. It is done for. It happened, and God had a plan for it. So accept it, learn from your mistakes, and forget.

On that same note, I have been thinking a lot about the "circle of life." Now this may not be the circle of life you are thinking of. I am thinking of the one God desgined so amazingly, mainly the emotional circle of life. One of the main things I realized is that you ARE going to have hard times in life. That is garentted. There is no way to get around it. It is part of the "circle" God has designed so well. Now you may be like, exuse me? But think about it. Without any of those hard times, so many things would not have happened. There would be SO MANY lessons that had not been learned. And we would not appriceate the good times, if there were no bad. So, once we finally accept that there will be bad times, what do we do with this knowledge? Well, first of all, we thank Him for those bad times, espcially while we are in them. Now when I say bad times, what do I mean? I mean anything that is hard on you, spiritually, emotionally, or physically. I know all of us encouter things that are hard on us many times a day. So, that gives us many times a day when we can spesifically thank the Lord for His goodness, for giving us those bad times. Now, thanking Him is not the only purpose in those bad times. Learning is a big thing. If you never had the bad times, you wouldn't learn very much at all. While in the bad times, you need to look at them, (now as I keep saying you, I am mainly saying it as this is what I am STRIVING to do.)and say, God you have put me in this time for a reason, howevery much I may not like it, please help me to learn what you want me to get out if this. Other very important thing you get out of the bad times is depenance on God. What if we never had bad times? We would never need God's comfort, His love, His grace, His abundant mercy. Jesus would not have had to die if we didn't have bad times. But we do have them, and He did die. He died to set us free from the sin that was going to sperate us from that God we depend so much on.

Now tieing all of that in to what I said earlier, we will have good times too. We will have times when we feel like our God is amazing, and everything is good. And then we will go again into those bad times. And we will long for the good times. But we should appreciate just the amount of God has given us. And thank God, learn from and depend on God in each and every time in our life. And all we do, we should do, for the Glory of our amazing, everlasting God. This is God's circle of life :)

This is an absolutely amazing saying my friend made up, and I took the picture. I LOVe it!

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