Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recipie #1

For school I am doing a project and picking 1 recipe a week and trying to cook it and then blog it. I really enjoyed my first recipe from Racheal Ray so I hope to do most of them from her for now. So my first recipe:
Parmigiano and herb chicken brest tenders .

Ok so I did make a this recipie, and all of my family loved it. But I did make a few ajusdtments.

First of all I just used prego instead of the sauce. Then I did make about 1 1/2 time the amout said of everything the recipie called for, but we had tons of leftovers! After cooking it to the directions I do have a few things I would adjust. First of all, all of my family agreed that we would not put it in the oven after frying it again, becasue it just dried it out and did not seem to do anything good for it. Also I would have to pans to fry in if you were going to do anymore then the recipe called for. Other then that the recipe was very easy to make it took me about 1 1/2 hours but I think if i did it again, it woudl take me about 30-40 mins.

I floured the chicken, egged it, then coated it with the special mix, and fryed it, It turned out wonderful!

I hope you try to make it! And if you do let me know what you think please :)

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