Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello there, San Fran.

If, after reading the tittle of this post you are assuming that I am currently in San Francisco, California, you would be correct.

I got here yesterday morning and my day and a half here has been a whirlwind, but wonderful. The Couchsurfing host I (and my sister) are staying with recommended quite a few places to go that were "cool" and for the locals. They have all been wonderful, and I can proclaim once again that I adore Couchsurfing. It has so many benefits and is not only a cost-effective way to travel, but a beautiful one. I learn about new people, new cultures, new experiences, and share all of those with the people I am staying with. If you have not Couchsurfed, try it once. You will NOT regret it!

Just to give you a fare warning: My sister and I like food. A lot. San Francisco has more amazing food then NYC. You will therefore see a lot of pictures of all our wonderful food below. If you have not eaten in a while, continue with caution. 

Below: Dandilon Chcolate. One of those places where you just want to sample one of everything. And in fact, you can! They have bowls out for you to sample all of the chocolates they make. They know how to make friends, quickly :)

Also, they sell the most amazing chocolate peanut butter cookies in the world. 

After walking about 3 miles inbetween the above cookie, I enjoyed the below dinner.

I have fallen in love with San Fran's hills. I thought I would hate them; and tonight when I had to walk 8 blocks home in the wind, I thought I might start hating on them. But really, I still love them. They add something so... different then most other cities. Which pretty much explains all of San Francisco. Different.

The view from the house I am staying in. Yes.

Erin's first San Fran food. Sushi. Amazing Sushi at that.

We did ride the trolley. And it happened to be the highlight of my day. Hanging on to the outside of a trolley as it rolls through the streets of San Fran is quite an experience. 

We went to Chinatown. We walked through a chinese store, looked at Chinese candy, and then had 2 Chinese drinks and pastries  I forgot to take a picture of all of the above, so I snapped this one to prove that we really did go there!

Fisherman's Warf: I.e. Beautiful part of town that is over run by tourists who don't know how to follow the basic laws of life. 

I love this picture. I love the ocean. I love boats. I love water. I love San Fran.

There was this "arcade" filled with ancient games that still worked (and each only cost a quarter!) that was right on the warf. We had a blast playing a few of them, even though we still don't understand why kids in the 1920's would want to pay to make an ugly clown dance for 5 minutes. 

This "piano" was the bomb. It played songs with basically a full orchestra inside of it's self. Like the music from your record player comes to life right before your eyes. I told Erin I wanted one for my room. 

The famous sourdough bread. It was just as good as it's supposed to be. 

Ghirardelli Square: i.e. tourist trap that's only goal is to fatten people up. 

Proof that I was actually on this trip with Erin today :)

AND Dolores park. Probably my favorite spot in all of San Francisco. I just wanted to lay in the grass and relax all day. 

An amazing restruant run by deaf owners, who employ all deaf waiters. We had a blast practicing our sign language with them. (Or rather, Erin signed while I sat and smiled and nodded.)

Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, peas, truffle honey and red lettuce. It was to die for. 

Bookstore followed by after dinner coffee was the perfect ending to a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

I Love San Francisco, TOo! IF You Get A Chance, Try A Shrimp Sandwich. They Are My Favorite!

Giann said...

My mouth may have watered due to the pictures of the food and such. LOVE.