Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The big post of everything

I have happily been keeping very busy this summer. Which means, blogging goes on the back burner. As I was thinking about what matters in life, one thing that is very important to me is writing down memoires, so that I always have them, and so that generations after me have them. I seem to say almost every time I write a new blog post- I want to blog more. And that's honestly, because I do. Sometimes, other things just take priority, and I have learned to accept that. But, when time does allow, I am trying to cease the moment, and write a quick post even if it is short. Now, after all of this time, I have quite the "stack" of photos in my "to blog" folder on my desktop. I.e., the title of this post. This post pretty much covers a lot of the last six months. I hope you enjoy!

 Enjoying a Normal Day with these cute kiddos.

 P.s. to be mentioned later in a why I love toy's post... Auqadoodle is officially one of the best toys ever!

Two of my favorite girls :)

 Taking my mom to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, for a Mother's day surprise.
 We ate at the Cheesecake Factory after.. I just was too busy enjoying the food to take pictures.

My Closet was in BAD need of reorganizing. I say was because I just redid my room, and redid my closet. Pictures to come soon.. :) (Incase your wondering...Yes, I do color code my clothes. Call me OCD but I like it.)

(Visiting my best friend-Rebekah in April-May in Charleston, SC. If you can't tell by where I took all my pictures-I really love the beach!)



Life with Kaishon said...

Love these pictures so much. I love people that color coordinate closets : ) I am lucky because I just have one color. Black.

Rebekah :) said...

haha omg I love all the pictures you posted!!!! but I was very surprised to see pictures of me on here too!!! they came out great and I LOVE them!