Saturday, October 9, 2010

J.J's School

This year I am teaching J.J. 2 courses.
Cooking around the world and exploring early american literature. We have a bunch of illustrated classic novels, that are nice reading for J.J and fun! Both him and I are getting a taste of ALOT of classics.

So far we have done Gulever's Travels and Kidnapped. For each book we read a little about the author, the time it was set in, and then if there are any movies/ect based on it. We also take a picture to go along with the book. Here is what we have so far:


 Gulliver's Travels
 Guliver talking to the king
 JJ's ver creative king, and if you can see, he tried to make those greeen and red block the king's train.
 Cooking Russian food
 Cooked and Yummy!


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