Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I was trying to think of a good tittle for this post, and I could think of one that would do it justice.
This really is a sensitive post. It is on a subject that is near and dear to my heart, that I am VERY VERY passionate about. Something that makes me so upset I want to scream.

Nowadays when a young lady gets pregnant she most often (probably about 95% of the time) looked down on, and thought to have made an unwise choice, especially by those of us in the Christian community. Now I am not, in ANY way denying that her actions were unwise, but I AM saying that looking down on that lady is NOT the best response.
Think about this for a moment: Most young ladies now a-days who do get pregnant, we never know about. Because they have an abortions. So what do we do to the few who don't have one, who keep that precious life inside of them alive? We look down on them, we gossip about them, we make them seem like the outcast. But when, in fact, we should be rejoicing with them! They have made the amazing and very very hard decision to keep the baby. Now wether they are choosing adoption, or raising it themselves, they are still keeping the baby!  So why, may I ask, do we mock them, and out cast them? Yes, they did make a wrong decision, and they may need to be punished for it. But that is most certainly NOT our jobs. Our job is support them. Be behind them. Tell them that we are here for them. Maybe even tell them that we are willing to take their baby. To raise it and love it as our own, if they are not able. Maybe, if we did this, instead of mocking and outcasting these young women we would have a few more babies, children and people in the world today to love, and to be loved. And THAT is what really matters.

So next time you hear of  a young lady in your church, school or neighborhood that is pregnant. Please don't gossip about her, outcast her, or mock her. Love her. Be there to support her. Help her find a home for her baby (wether that be her own, yours or someone else's. ) And most of all encourage her, because she chose a  wonderful, beautiful path. The path of life. Life for her unborn baby. And now, someday, her baby will grow up to be a living breathing human being who might just be the next president, or the next Nobel Peace Prize recipient. :)


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