Sunday, March 14, 2010

Patience, trust and learning.

One of the precious ones I babysit, fresh out of the camera.

Wow. It surly has been a long time. Very, very long time. But during all that time I have not written, i have been very busy.

I am currently sitting in the Chicago airport, waiting for my flight to Aspen. I am going to Aspen to nanny for one of the most precious families ever. (you have probably seen some pictures of their children on here.)

So many times this past week, God has been teaching me patience, and learning to lean on Him. Trust Him. Not myself. It has been hard at points, and yes i have broken down. But He helps me get myself right back up again. First example is Monday. I had been really looking forward all last week to going to a park with a family I babysit for. I had planned my whole week. Every bit of school needed to get done ect, around this day. Well She called that morning and caneled, becuase the babies were sick. Well then, I thought to myself. This is no reason to get upset. Just press, God has a perfect plan. As I start to rearrange my school stuff to fit my new sceduale, she calls again. Now I am going to go over, and just stay with the babies. Ok, I think again. Stay mellow. God helped me do this. I DID NOT do it on my own. Without the Lord I most likley would have been a bawling mess. But nope. God knew the plan. And my week turned out amazingly wonderful :) Next is yesterday (Saturday.) I was supposed to fly to Aspen. 5 mins before I walk out the door, I get a call. Flight canceled, and moved to Sunday (today.) Ok, stay calm. I was so about to cry. God please help me. I know this is YOUR plan, even if it's not mine. And He did. I had a wonderful afternoon, despite the airline calling again, and moving my flight to later today.

So, I have learned, espcially over the last week, that patience is certinally a virtue. And that trusting God is vital in order to no worry. And that learning, is a process, and includes experiance, and acutally failing sometimes, in order to learn everything.

I hope to write more while in Aspen!

Only by His grace,

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