Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I heart Faces - self portrait.

Considering my last post was all about me--- this week's I heart faces theme seems very fitting!

Let me just tell you, I have a *small* obsession with eyes. I LOVE eyes. When ever I am doing someone's portraits, my favorite photos are always the close up's on the eyes. Unfortunately I have not found many people with my same love for eyes, so I do not have many pictures of my own eyes. This day in particular, I was just in the mood to experiment, and I thought I would try taking a picture of my own eyes. :)

Check out the other lovely self portraits at I heart faces!



Michelle said...

you did a great job capturing your eyes! and they look happy. your smile is seen in them too. great job! :)

Jes said...

Beautiful and joyful.

lovely shot!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh girl - you did a great job... I love eyes too... they say so much!!!!