Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello from Orlando!

Hey everyone! Well Riley and I are sitting in the Orlando Airport right now waiting for the Paxtons to get here on their filight.
Our flight went well, we watched half of wall-e and got bored the we just played games on the computer and blink the rest of the time. The most intresting thing so far was that every single one of the flight attendants were men. I can't remeber having a male one before let alone three of them. They we nice, but not quite as friendly.
Well Riley is bugging me to get off so he can play a game. I had better go eat lunch before the Paxtons get here. Will write more later.



Kate and Erin said...

All men???Weird...Kate

Sarah said...

That's SO weird. I was thinking when i flew to/from Mexico that i NEVER see male flight attendants. It must be a new trend. lol

Rebekah said...

Yes... and again on the way homewe had all men but 1... and she was serving first class. Yeah it must be..hum...